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  • Written an article on the health benefits of Ghee in the online magazine ‘August Ayurveda’ on 15th March 2007.
  • Written an article on the benefits of Amla in November 2007 issue of the magazine ‘Complete Wellbeing’ available both in print and online.
  • Written an article on “You may not need that herb or health drink!” in Jaspital Health Magazine- A club class health magazine for city health lovers.
  • An interview article published in the Bangkok Post daily newspaper on 8th November 2007.
  • A feature article published in Japanese version of the ‘Dear’ magazine in February 2008.
  • Written several articles on Ayurveda, Wellness and Current affairs in The Wellness Today and my personal blogs.
  • Has been interviewed and featured in various magazines and TV shows in Thailand and Europe, like Woody Show, NZZ Swiss Televisions, Thai Lady Talk Show, Channel 3, Bangkok Post, Guru Magazine for youth, NDTV Good times (India) and so on.